Conference Announcement: The Futures of Black Studies, April 24-26, University of Bremen

CAAR proudly announces the upcoming conference “The Futures of Black Studies – Historicity, Objectives and Methodologies, Ethics”, which will take place 24-26 April at the University of Bremen. The conference is organized by Prof. Sabine Broeck (president of CAAR), Dr. Marie Loeffler, and Dr. Carsten Junker. 

This conference takes as its cue the ongoing debates within Black Studies – of which the struggles over a ‘proper’ name to designate its scholarship has also been indicative –, and seeks to assess the current state of the field, taking stock of historical trajectories and addressing the future(s) of Black Studies scholarship, its changing methodologies and paradigms, its various objectives of study, as well as its ethics of knowledge production. Click here.

New Online Journal and Blog: Introducing - Adventures in Black Europe, a new online journal and blog, has been launched recently. "The Afropean is a new online multimedia, multidisciplinary journal explores  the social, cultural and aesthetic interplay of black and European cultures, and the synergy of styles and ideas brought about because of this union." The current issue tries to find out what the term afropean means, looking at it from three different perspectives. Click here.

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CAAR Debates: Black Cosmopolitanism Then and Now

In this edition of CAAR's "issues debated," Elizabeth-Burton Jones (Georgetown University) discusses "Black Cosmopolitanism Then and Now?" This piece is part of her larger research project entitled "African American Exodus to Paris." As the introduction to this larger piece of work, this section examines the outcomes of primitivism and the status of African Americans. Click here to read her piece. 

Elizabeth-Burton Jones is a graduate student at Georgetown University in the Communication, Culture and Technology (CCT) program.  At Georgetown, she is currently active in the Department of Theatre Arts and with the Graduate Student Organization. She also works as a Communication and Admission Assistant for the CCT Program. Click here for an extended biosketch. If you want to get in touch with Elizabeth-Burton Jones, click here

Why Black Studies Matters

Kehinde Andrews and Lisa Palmer write about the marginalization of Black scholars and their scholarship in British Academia. They proclaim that the lack of jobs and opportunities has lead to an "exodus" of Black British scholars to the US. In their article Why Black Studies Matters, they explore why the academic field of Black Studies is important. Click here.

Projects, Publications, Events

  • CFP: Special issue of American Periodicals:  Black Periodical Studies
    Guest editors Eric Gardner and Joycelyn Moody. Click here.
  • Announcement: BE.BOP 2014. SPIRITUAL REVOLUTIONS & "THE SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA", 02-31.05, Berlin & Copenhagen. Click here.

  • XXIX. 2014 Black International Cinema Berlin: "Pathways to Enlightenment / Wege zur Erkenntnis," May 7-11. Click here.  
  • CAAR conference: The next CAAR conference will be held at Liverpool Hope University, UK, 24-27 June 2015. Program and schedules t.b.a.
  • Bremen Black Studies/University Library Bremen proudly announce that they have acquired "Black Europe - sounds and images of black people in Europe pre 1927." This exceptional collection - of which there are only 500 copies availabe wordwide - consists of 44 CDs and two books and is now available to students and researchers. Click here to view the collection and here for the catalogue of the university library Bremen. Click here for an interview with Rainer E. Lotz, who is the discographer of the collection (in German).
  • Useful Resource:'s list of documentary films that represent African American History. Click here.