15 February, 2017

Conference registration

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In order to pay for the conference registration fee please go to  the University of Málaga website (see it down below). Notice that on top there is a English version of the document you can click on. The next step will be to select  (12 CAAR Conference Diasporic Encounters) on the display and then, enter the amount you need to pay (110/50 €) and then you will be directed to the payment spot where you can insert your credit card number. If you decide to pay via bank transfer, you will be able to do so at that point at that very site. The university of Malaga website link is  http://www.uma.es/tpv/tpv.php?c=congreso 

You can also direct your registration payment straightforwardly to CAAR clicking on the following item using paypal:

Conference Registration

Registration fee is 110 €, general attendance and  50  for students/unwaged/emmeriti attendees.  Registration fee includes lunches and  The Alcazaba tour . Please do not forget to fill in the following questionnaire and mark the dates you will come to lunch: https://goo.gl/forms/HvBiyUJvfbWQE0883)

Please click down below to pay for  Conference dinner and Flamenco show. This  will be 50 €.

Should you wish to pay for the dinner in cash you can do so at the registration  counter two days in advance (14 June 2017).

Please fill in the form attached in order to indicate your preferences for dinner menu and alergies if any https://goo.gl/yllyvt


CAAR has an online encrypted credit card payment system that enables you to pay your fees for membership. As you know, bienial membership is 120  € for general membership and 50 € for students/unwaged/emiriti. Please click on the following link in order to pay for membership: https://www.caar-web.org/members/your-membership/