December 2014

On Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and Mothering in the Academy The recent slayings of unarmed Black men and children in the US has rendered the country breathless. I can’t breathe. The world has heard and replayed these words millions of times over the last few weeks. The people can’t breathe. As a university Leer másDecember 2014[…]

October 2014

Dear all, This month’s guest editorial has been written by Concepción Parrondo Carreter. A native of Malaga, Spain, she is an academic scholar whose focus of research centers on Contemporary African American Literature, an area in which she explores the theory of difference from an intersectional perspective. Ms. Parrondo lived for twenty seven years in Leer másOctober 2014[…]

September 2014

“No Writer’s House for James Baldwin” This editorial has been inspired by some thoughts and writing I have been chasing following my return visit, last June, to James Baldwin’s house, Chez Baldwin, in St. Paul-de-Vence in the south of France. Baldwin wrote about his last abode in a short piece published in the Architectural Digest Leer másSeptember 2014[…]

August 2014

For many colleagues at German universities, the month of July brings the end of our teaching and presence in our classrooms because our summer term is over. July includes also the subsequent marathon of grading papers and exams. I am sure that many of you can relate to the thoughts that go through one’s mind Leer másAugust 2014[…]

July 2014

La Rochelle, Liverpool, and the World On the occasion of the world soccer championship, I could not but pay attention to the French newspaper L’Equipe’s headlines which use history as the main metaphor and marker to talk about the balance of power between the nations involved in the competition. The presence of teams from Old Leer másJuly 2014[…]

Guest Editorial May /June 2014

Dear all, this month’s guest editorial has been written by Yannick Blec. Yannick is a PhD student at the Université Paris-Est – Marne-la-Vallée, presently writing his dissertation about the visions of African American identities in William Melvin Kelley’s works. It consists of an analysis of phenomenological, ontological and black existential conceptualizations entitled Le Blafringo-Arumerican dans Leer másGuest Editorial May /June 2014[…]

April 2014

Finding VertaMae Smart-Grosvenor: American Icon. Culinary Griot. Citizen of the World The Making of a Lowcountry Documentary I first met VertaMae Smart-Grosvenor in 2011 when she attended The Avery Research Center’s celebration of Julie Dash’s iconic film, Daughters of the Dust. Having seen her work in Daughters and Oprah Winfrey’s production of Beloved, I was Leer másApril 2014[…]

March 2014

White Women Too. The film « 12 Years A Slave » won the Academy Award for best motion picture, becoming the first movie directed by a black director to take the highest trophy at the Oscars. It also claimed best adapted screenplay for John Ridley and best supporting actress for Lupita Nyong’o. Besides the Hollywood celebration and Leer másMarch 2014[…]